Frequently asked questions about our link building services. 

      1. Can you provide samples of websites you can get links from?

        Unfortunately, no. This is manual outreach so we must go out and find sites relevant to your order. We don't maintain sites we link from so we have no way to provide a sample of what might be possible prior to actually obtaining the link

      2. Can you provide examples of links that have been obtained?

        To protect client privacy, we do not provide any examples of links we have been able to obtain on a client's behalf.

      3. Where are the links placed on a target site?

        We do our best to find relevant content on relevant sites to maximize the link's relevancy. Links are placed in-content on the site to provide the most value possible. 

      4. Do you have any restrictions on types of sites or niches that you don't work with?

        We do not work with adult/sexual/pornographic sites, nor sites that are hate speech or otherwise offensive. If we deem a site offensive, we may cancel the order at our discretion.

        We can, however work with gambling sites. 

      5. How long does the link building take? 

        From receipt of order to delivery is approximately 3-4 weeks. Gambling or very small niches may take a bit longer. 

      6. Do you guarantee to be able to obtain links from a specific site?

        No, we cannot guarantee a link on a specific website. 

      7. Do you guarantee a DA range for sites that links are obtained from?

        No, we do not guarantee the DA range. However, this range has been carefully monitored for all our link levels and represents the average DA range of sites for a specific level of link.

        Please keep in mind that DA is just one metric to measure a site's quality. We also look at the number of referring domains to a target site among other factors. 

      8. DA isn't accurate. Why do you use that?

        DA is the most commonly understood domain quality metric at the moment, which is why we use it to represent the link levels. If that changes, we may change how we represent the link levels as well.